Despite everything we have been through, I must admit, I am still extremely nervous to get this hysteroscopy done today.  I suppose it’s been a while since I have had a “first” so to speak.  I know what to expect when I get a HSG, or a SIS, egg retrieval, transfer, or even a D & C unfortunately. However, I do not know what to expect with this hysteroscopy/biopsy business. Reading about it, or hearing how it was for someone else, isn’t the same.  At least from my experience, it always seems to differ.

I’ve spent some time trying to put my finger on what else could be making me so nervous, other than it being a “first.”  I know it can’t be the fact that I will only be in a twilight state, rather than completely knocked out.  I was in a twilight for our first d & c and I survived (although being asleep is definitely preferred).  Of course, I pray not to remember anything or feel any pain, just like any normal person would.

Perhaps, it’s the biopsy part that is freaking me out.  Whenever I think of a biopsy, I think of someone who is being tested for cancer.  I picture the doctor slicing off a piece of you, almost like a piece of meat.  Sorry to be so graphic, but it’s the truth.  

Or maybe I am just frightened because this is a last resort for us.  There are no more tests to be done.  This could be the missing piece to the puzzle, or so we hope. Honestly, my fear is probably a combination of all of the above.  So, today, I will keep trying to remind myself of what my mom has always told me, “there is nothing to fear except fear itself.”  


17 thoughts on “Hysteroscopy

  1. I will be interested to find out how you went! I am having a hysteroscopy (possibly with d&c as well) sometime after i see my specialist. Wishing you luck for your procedure.

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  2. I think its natural to be nervous about the unknown. I’ve not had a hysteroscopy, so I have no suggestions to offer, but I will wish you good luck and pray that the results are stellar and nothing to worry about.

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  3. My hysteroscopy was quite uncomfortable but not painful. Just weird sensation. The biopsy wasn’t nice at all but I was fully awake with the only painkiller as paracetamol, seeing as no one told me what it’d be like before the doctor told me 2 mins before I went in the room. Once you’re done, YouTube it…it’s exactly what you said, slicing meat! Ugghhhh.

    Reading people’s experiences just isn’t the same, doesn’t help, really. When I had HSG, people told me it’s be absolutely horrendous – it was nowhere near that, mild period cramps, if anything! I think everyone differs in how it feels.
    You WILL be ok – it’s a means to an end and it’ll be over fast. Thinking of you and hoping you’re ok. x

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  4. Thinking of you and hoping all went well today. “Biopsy” is a scary word no matter what. My mind always jumps to cancer, and they are just doing it to rule it out. Usually they biopsy anything they take out of you: a tissue sample (from my husband’s esophogus), and infected mass (from above my teeth into my cheek), anything! I’m wishing you all the best as you wait for the next stage.

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