A Very Special Thank You

Throughout this infertility journey, we have been extremely blessed to have an amazing support system of family and friends around us. I am not just referring to this past year, I am also referring to the 6 years prior to it.

Recently, it has been on my heart to write a little something about these wonderful individuals (initials are used to maintain their privacy), & thank them for all they have done for us.

Mom-My biggest fan. My truest friend. The person we can call at anytime and know will be there for us no matter what. The person who feels this pain in a way similar to what we do. The one who instrinsically motivates me to be a mom because of the mom you have been to me.  We are so blessed to have you in our life everyday.

NRH-our IVF go to person! Before we got on board with IVF, we were completely overwhelmed, scared, & lost, with no idea what to expect. You were literally there 24/7 to answer all of our ridiculous questions.  I honestly don’t think we would have ever done IVF if we hadn’t saw the miracles in your lives.  You gave us hope then, and you still give us hope now.

LS-Your outlook on life amazes me. You are such a great daughter, friend, sister, mother, and wife, and you know what matters most in life…family!  Throughout all of this, you have not only reached out to me, but also to my mom. You prayed for us consistently, and you never forgot about us.  You remember every appointment we have which isn’t an easy thing to do when there are so many!

AA-I never knew you to be much of a “softie”, but this has showed me that you do have it in you.  I look at the joy that your children and grandchildren have brought you, and I strive to give that to my mom one day.  You are not only there for me, you are there for her too.  You speak confidently that we will be parents one day, which in turn, helps us keep our faith that we will be.
MS-I don’t know where to begin….what would I do without you, my dear lady?  You have been here through everything.  Year after year, you have watched it all unfold.  You truly know me inside & out.  You never judge, and you let me be me.  You have seen us at our worst, and at our best.  You let me be angry when I want to be, sad when I need to be, and push me to get back up and try again.  You have shown me the meaning of a forever friend.

NKH-At times, I feel like we have so much in common that you could be my long lost sister! We both endured a horrible experience that ended up bringing us closer together than we had been in years.  When I try to find a positive in that 2nd loss, our friendship is what I see. You understood what I was going through at that exact moment, and vice versa.  The constant conversation between us helped me get through many days, nights, and appointments for that matter.

JS-If it wasn’t for you, I would have not only lost my job, but my mind too.  You went above & beyond for me many early mornings and late afternoons, when you never had to do a thing.  I’m sure there are things you did to help me that I still do not know about till this day.  Your thoughtfulness is so refreshing.  The heartfelt notes and cards, and other presents always came right when I needed them the most.  You make me smile.

CBJ- I know you will always be there for me. You are so considerate with your words and actions because you know first hand how hard this all is. You are never pushy.  You never make me feel uncomfortable or foolish for our decisions. Most importantly, you have shown us what true love is through your family.

AB-I can count on you to tell us how it is.  You don’t sugarcoat anything.  You have made me realize that if we can’t see the positives in all this, and actually have a positive outlook, then we shouldn’t be doing it.  You are always interested in the little details of our journey, which a lot of people might find boring. You ask important, intelligent questions, you give me great ideas, and make me think things through.

NR-You are such a genuine person and great listener. You give us words of encouragement, & never seek to gain anything at all from our conversations.  You have offered to help us time and time again as we have gone through these tough times.  It is obvious that you put others before yourself, and I admire the love you have for your family.

JD-We have shared both laughter & tears.  We understand each others journeys, because we have walked them together.  You have helped me to not feel alone when I have been in great despair.  When I isolated myself, you continued to reach out to me.   You made me see how strong we really are.

KW-You live life to the fullest.  You have shown me how to relax more. When I just want to chill out, or take my mind off everything, I know you will be there for me.  You make me laugh, and we have fun no matter what we do.  You point out the good in me, and uplift me when I’m feeling down. You remind me not to be so hard on myself, and not to care about what anyone else thinks.

TTC WordPress Sisters-you all have made me realize we are not alone in this journey! It is truly amazing how people who do not even know each other come together & form a loving community like this one.  You guys are the best!

There are so many others that have supported and continue to support us. For that, we thank you so very much. We appreciate the fact that you care enough about us to take time out of your busy days to read our story.

We have so much to be thankful for regardless of what we have recently endured.  This is simply 1 chapter in our lives.  We had plenty chapters before this, and we will have plenty after it.  Whether or not that involves having children, we do not know; only God knows that.  But this I do know…we must show gratitude for what we have right now. Look at all the amazing people God has brought into our lives!!!

2 thoughts on “A Very Special Thank You

  1. Ang, that is absolutely beautiful!!! Brought tears to my eyes! You are such a kind, caring and compassionate person and I know, that is why everyone is so determined to be there for you guys. Not only would they get the same from you but even more. Ppl don’t just wake up with this many friends it is a true testament to the kind of wonderful person you truly are.

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