This is What it Feels Like When Dates Collide

As I sit at Quest this morning, waiting to get more tubes of blood taken, I cant help think of all the dates starting to collide. Every day is a now a day that could have been, or should have been, something special in one of our babies journeys.

Exactly a year ago today, we were undergoing our first egg retrieval for our first IVF.  A few weeks later, we celebrated the news on Easter Sunday that we would be having our family finally.  Well, the due date of our first child passed on Christmas Eve 2014, the same day we celebrated the news of our 3rd pregnancy.  If our first pregnancy would have continued, as we dreamed it would, our baby would be 3 months old today.

The due date of our second is now slowly creeping up, in early May to be exact.  Just in time for Mothers Day.  I would soon be taking my maternity leave. This is around the time that all of my pregnant friends will start delivering their babies (I have 9 friends in my life currently pregnant-save that for another post).  Their deliveries range anywhere from May to September.

If our last pregnancy would have continued, we would be more than half way through it by now.  My mom, aunt, & cousins had already begun planning our baby shower, looking at places to rent & food to have.  We intended to put all the finishing touches on it this month while they are in town. But all that baby shower planning has been thrown to the wayside.  Instead, everything beautiful that could have been, or should have been, has been replaced by serial betas, hysteroscopies, blood tests, and Aunt Flow among so many others.

And the kicker to all this… the lady who just drew the first round of my blood (I’ll be here for a few hours), started talking to me about her prior pregnancies as if I was pregnant. No, ma’am, sorry, just because I get all the blood tests pregnant women do, doesn’t mean I am actually pregnant! So, please don’t assume in a carefree laughing matter that I am. Or, you might just get hurt.

7 thoughts on “This is What it Feels Like When Dates Collide

  1. I so understand this. I get how hard it is to have a maze of dates to constantly navigate. Also, I had one lab tech doing a beta test who congratulated me on being pregnant and went on to tell me all about her previous and current pregnancy. She wouldn’t take my hints that I wasn’t interested in the conversation, so I ended up having to tell her that I’m actually in to confirm my 4th miscarriage. She finally stopped talking.

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