After the joy of the positive HPT’s (notice I said plural because of course we finished off the box to make sure every one came back a little darker), I got my first beta done 4 days later. The nice part about these 3 back to back betas was the fact that I was off work.  So in the mornings, I didn’t have to get up at the *** crack of dawn to get them done, I didn’t have to worry about trying to answer the phone with a classroom of 23 students eavesdropping in, and if I got bad news from one of the betas, I could easily sulk at home, no questions asked.  This was all part of our reasoning for doing a December transfer.

The first beta came back at 335, with a progesterone level of 150, when I was just 4 weeks 1 day.  The second beta, 772 when I was 4 weeks 3 days. And the final came back at 2,620 when I was 4 weeks 5 days on what just happened to be New Years Eve.  What a perfect way to bring in the new year.  And boy, did we welcome 2015!  Everyone told us it would be “our year.”  And so far, we had no reason to believe different; we made it through the betas with each one way more than doubling.  2014 was a terrible year for us and we were ready to put it behind us.  But, in the back of my mind, I was still extremely anxious.  You have to remember that our last loss we made it through those 3 betas too, only to miscarry days later. Needless to say, the days following the 3rd beta were pretty intense for us.  I kept replaying over & over the exact date & time I miscarried the last pregnancy.  Surprisingly, that day came & went, and I was still pregnant.

We scheduled our first ultrasound to see the heartbeat for 7 weeks 3 days.  I could have set it up for a little earlier but I wanted to make sure we saw that heartbeat.  I went back to work and resumed life as normal, still taking it easier than I usually would. The week after the betas was difficult.  For one, we had never made it this far.  And two, there was no more blood or ultrasound appointments.  I keep thinking I wasn’t pregnant anymore.  I called the doctor and actually requested to have a beta done! It came back at 23,000 when I was 5 weeks 5 days.  Another sigh of relief.

One afternoon not long after, while the kids were watching a presentation at school, I started to feel crampy.  I asked another teacher to watch my class and I went to the bathroom. I have to tell you that every time I peed from the moment I found out I was I pregnant, and didn’t see blood, I spoke out loud, “Thank you, God.”  I kid you not…every single time I peed.  Today, I was bleeding.  Not spotting, bleeding.  I almost passed out right then and there.  I stayed in the bathroom for about 5 minutes, shaking. Suddenly, I found myself thanking God.  I started crying out to him and I remember saying, “Okay, God, if this is what you want, it’s OK.”  I repeated it over and over again, until I was calm. I didn’t tell anyone, I just went back into my classroom and started teaching again.

At the end of the day, I emailed the doctor and told her what happened.  She said she wanted me to come in first thing the next morning to do an ultrasound and to get a progesterone level.  I was now 6 weeks 3 days. I knew that if the bleeding and cramping continued through the night, it was without a doubt over.  Even if it didn’t continue, I knew there was still a chance it was over, or would be soon.  I didn’t understand how I could be miscarrying again-my lining was thick, and I was on a blood thinner this time around.  I just kept praying I wasn’t.

I slept through the night with no bleeding or cramping.  My hubs couldn’t get off that day (but he kept assuring me that nothing was going to be wrong anyways) so my mom went with me instead. The nurse took my mom and I into the room that we had sat in so many times before over the past year.  Before she began the scan, she explained that it could be possible to not see a heartbeat today because it was too early on, and that everything could still be just fine.  Basically, don’t freak out was what she was telling me.  However, what she did need to see was a yolk sac and a gestational sac, which I knew from her and from my own research.

I laid back and held my breath.  And then, I heard the words that I had been waiting so very long to hear, that I’ll never ever forget… “There’s Baby A, with a strong heartbeat already!” She rotated the screen and we could see it fluttering. Then she turned on the doppler so we could hear it.  It was already beating over 100 bpm; 106 to be exact.  Both my mom and I were crying.  My heart was so full.  Once we calmed down, she said, “You can see Baby B’s heartbeat is flickering, but it’s not picking up yet, it’s probably just a little too early.”


FullSizeRender (1)
Baby A measuring exactly 6 weeks, 3 days, and Baby B measuring just a little behind.

My progesterone level came back perfect that day, and my cervix measured nice and long as it should.  The doctor reassured me (again), that sometimes women bleed and everything is perfectly fine with the pregnancy.  I prayed I would not be one of these women and bleed; I was too scarred from the other bleeds and how they turned out.  God answered my prayer, and I never bled again during the pregnancy.

We were still on for our appointment the following week, when I would be 7 weeks, 3 days.  I was over the moon that my hubs would get to see and hear his babies heartbeats in less than a week!! Finally!!

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