Our Story-part 1

I will never forget the day my husband & I formally met.  It was October of my senior year.  As I went to lunch, I sat at my usual table with my usual friends.  We attended a fairly small high school and most people knew each other.  All of a sudden, my friend pointed out this unfamiliar guy, stating he was “pretty hot.”  I took a look, and was surprised I never noticed him before! Who was this Casanova? LOL.  Next thing I knew, I was being introduced by his friend, that little did I know, in 7 years would be a future groomsmen in our wedding.  He asked me out that night to Subway (gotta love high school budgets) and though it sounds so cliche, soon after that we were in love and the rest was history.

We shared our first kiss on my 18th birthday that November of 2000.  We went to my prom in May 2001.  And then his homecoming in September and prom in May 2002 (he is a year younger than me).  The first few years seemed to fly by and before we knew it, it was 2003.  We traveled on our Spring Breaks together.  In the summers, we swam all day and stayed out all night, and in the winters he taught me how to sled and build snowmen, things I never did before.  Don’t get me wrong, at times we fought like CRAZY and no one really ever thought we would make it, even though they didn’t say it. But when we were good, nothing could stop us.

One day before my 21st birthday, he picked me up and said, “Do you want to move to Florida?”  I thought I was hearing things (he had never lived anywhere but Ohio his whole life!), but I wasn’t.  I agreed, we told our families & friends (who mostly thought we were insane at the time), and we were gone within 2 weeks. We really had no idea what we were doing, but it was the best move (literally) we could have ever made.

We moved in with my mom, step dad, brother, and the family dog, Autumn. We had never lived together so this was a new adventure. We found jobs, shared a car, saved our money, and within 3 months we found our first place together.  The apartment was a cozy 1 bedroom where we shared some of our best times.  All of our northern friends and family members came and visited us frequently. We beached it on the weekends.  At night, we played cards with our new found neighbor friends who later would cross infertility paths with us.

And it was at this point in my life that I knew I would marry this man. We started to talk about pets, and marriage and babies. We went to the Humane Society & found our first dog, Nacho, a Chihuahua who blessed our lives deeply.  We stayed in the 1 bedroom apartment for about 3 years, until we took the next step, & found a house to rent.

It was now September 2006. My husband had just gotten into his current career in the Heating & Air Conditioning field, and landed a pretty nice job. His employer decided to take us on a cruise at no cost to us. Our first cruise!  We had the opportunity to visit the Keys & Mexico. The first night on the cruise, he took me to the top deck of the ship, got down on one knee (sweating profusely), and popped the question. Of course I said yes…I was thrilled! And so, the wedding planning began.

We set the date for August 4, 2007.  Our plan was to get married in a year, and then within the next year, go off the pill & have a baby.  Before the wedding, our family & friends gave us a wonderful wedding shower and co-bachelor/bachelorette party. Both more than we could have asked for! Our wedding day was perfect and the honeymoon even more perfect. At our wedding, we had about 150 of our friends & family who mean the most to us.  For the honeymoon, we decided to return to where we got engaged in Mexico, and stayed at the most elegant and beautiful resort imaginable. We swam with dolphins & jumped off cliffs. We lived in the gorgeous, crystal clear water for the entire week. 
wedding & honeymoon

After the wedding, we began house hunting and purchased our first home, a roomy 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage with a big, fenced yard. More perfection! By 2008, I had gone off the pill. We started not necessarily trying, but not necessarily not trying either (I know you have heard people say this before).

I stayed pretty busy, I was in school trying to finish my bachelor’s degree while working 2 jobs. When I went to my annual OB appointment in 2009, I told the doctor I had been off the pill for about a year now and she didn’t seem to concerned. She asked me if I had been tracking my ovulation, and I hadn’t, so she informed me to start doing so, and to have sex every 2 days, between days 12-16 (or something close to that).  The doctor seemed confident I would get pregnant within the year, and so did I.

Over the next year, we tracked my periods, and did the deed, and still Aunt Flow came every month.  In the meantime, I graduated and got my degree, and found a teaching job.  In 2010, when I saw my OB again for my annual, she said it was time to do some tests since I was still not pregnant.  That was the day our lives changed.

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